Cold Pressed Oils

“Cold pressing” is the gentlest method of oil recovery. The oleaginous constituents of a plant, such as seeds, fruits or kernels, are carefully pressed out mechanically without the addition of heat. The oil thus obtained is only filtered and filled.

Heat is produced by this process only by pressure or by the self-propulsion of the seed. 40°C must not be exceeded, as natural ingredients could be lost. If this maximum temperature is maintained during the cold pressing process, practically all flavorings, essential ingredients and the fat-soluble vitamins A and E are retained in their original form.

Cold pressed vegetable oils should not be heated, as otherwise the valuable ingredients which are obtained at high cost in the production process are destroyed in whole or in part.
After opening, cold-pressed vegetable oils should be quickly consumed, as they rapidly age (e.g. flax seed oil), lose their freshness and taste and thereby reduce their importance for healthy eating.