Natural Olive Oil

Of the olive fruit, getting no changes is the natural properties with temperature only by mechanical or physical processes; Variable color from green to yellow, clear and distinctive taste and smell are the edible oils as food in its natural state can be eaten.

Extra-virgin olive oil is on the market in 3 groups.

1.Extra Virgin Oil: Smell and taste are not a defect of free acidity (oleic acid) level is less than 100 grams up to 1% in extra virgin olive oil.

With the cold press is getting the early crops. The natural properties of olives using any chemical process from the outside. That’s exactly that smell, taste and vitamins are preserved. The degree of acidity is close at zero on the Virgin olive oil; it’s called on the world “Extra Virgin”. The first native of the crushed olives or the preservation of the slight pressure of real oils.

All extra native olive oils are close in the first quality of the degree of acidity at zero. It does not burn the nasal passage with the taste. Bored by a taste through the full maturation; fruity and bitter natural green color this delicious oil as raw when consuming. Extra virgin olive oil is suitable for any kind of dish ideal for salads. In salads and the previously cooked pasta, vegetables, such as for example fish meals. Enjoy either directly or to enrich the taste with the sauce as a use.

2.Virgin Olive Oil: After first press of this olive oil and often after the use of the hot water it can get a little deficiency in the smell or the taste. The acidity (oleic acid) is not more than 2% of the Virgin olive oil contains a more intense flavor than allow could.

3. Ordinary Virgin Olive Oil: These olive oils are mangling with the odour and taste-neutral, but that is why they can be tolerated, because the degrees of acidity (oleic acid) maximum are 2% and over 3.3%.