Who We Are?

Since 2014 we have been cold-pressed vegetable oils in raw food quality Semavita. We offer our customers a range of high-quality cold-pressed vegetable oils.

The basics of their special quality is the same for all our oils. In the first place is the careful selection of natural raw materials.

Our oils are cold pressed in a gentle process. In other words: the oils obtained by mechanical pressure, without external heat supply. Then they are carefully filtered. Chemical or aggressive methods such as de-acidifying, bleaching or deodorizing are taboo. So, the typical taste and the valuable ingredients at their best are retained.

“Fresh from the mill” is the self applied quality standards by us! Not only the raw materials will be as fresh as possible processed, but also the finished oil will arrive at customers as quickly and as fresh as possible. Because cold-pressed oil are just not “industrial goods” which you can keep for years.

Semavita oils are fresh foods that taste the best. Therefore, all oils only in small batches are made, promptly filled and shipped promptly – just mill fresh.

“When pleasure becomes the passion…”